June 15, 2022 Anthony Gagliardi

The Kind Canna and Tower 26 Inc Grow Together

Leading Cannabis Cultivators Partner to Produce Premium Sustainably Focused Products

Leading Cannabis Cultivators Partner to Produce Premium Sustainably Focused Products

Los Angeles, CA – Today, The Kind Canna, an environmentally conscious cannabis lifestyle brand, announced its partnership with Tower 26 Inc., a premier cannabis cultivator and manufacturer. Through this agreement, Tower 26 will cultivate, manufacture, and distribute The Kind Canna branded products.

The Kind Canna branded products will be available starting Summer 2022 in 37 dispensaries throughout Los Angeles County. The product range will include five strains of premium indoor flower, including Runtz, Biscotti Sherbz, and Gelato 33. Prepackaged goods such as Live Resin Disposables, Candy Bars, Gummies, and 510 vape carts will also be available. 

“The foundation of our brand is to provide customers with the best strains – that means working with like-minded partners to ensure sustainable processes and using only the best flower, genetics, and natural terpenes,” commented Anthony Gagliardi, Founder of The Kind Canna. “Working with the team at Tower 26 is a perfect fit, and we are excited to expand our portfolio of premium cannabis products with them.”

Launched in 2021, The Kind Canna is a California-based cannabis company dedicated to providing consumers with a pure product. The Kind Canna is an environmentally conscious brand that works exclusively with sustainable farms that utilize eco-friendly technologies to ensure a minimal carbon footprint throughout the growth and harvesting process. 

“We’re proud to be working with The Kind Canna to cultivate and manufacture its premium products,” said Mike Shur of Tower 26. 

For more information about Tower 26, please visit www.Tower26Official.com

For more information about The Kind Canna, please visit www.TheKindCanna.com

About Tower 26 Inc. 

Amongst the beauty and grit of Venice Beach, California, Tower 26, a lifeguard tower, once stood as the meeting spot where the OG dealers sold flower to their colorful customers. It was a magical but secretive time in the world of “weed,” and Tower 26 was at its center in Los Angeles. Tower 26 has since come to symbolize the place where it all began.   

Now, those same OG dealers have risen from hiding to become leaders in the industry. With the invaluable experience they acquired as the original underground flower cultivators and dealers, they are now combining their expertise with the latest technology and techniques to bring you the highest quality product out there.  

At Tower 26’s 35,000-square-foot Los Angeles facility, the OG players have not forgotten their roots; in fact, it is their very roots that have instilled in them the immense knowledge and experience that has helped them to build the cannabis empire now known as Tower 26. 

For more information, please visit www.Tower26Official.com

About The Kind Canna

Founded by Anthony Gagliardi and Joseph Vecchione in 2021, The Kind Canna is a brand based on passion, integrity, connection, and gratitude. Our vision for Kind Canna was inspired by our deep appreciation and love for cannabis; our best and most memorable moments in life would not exist without cannabis. The power of the plant has brought immense knowledge, wisdom, fruit, and understanding into our world. I think we can all agree. 

 Our journey, however, did not come without great sacrifice, as the cannabis culture was once considered taboo. Consequently, manifesting our vision meant taking risks, and because of this, many respected and loved ones suffered. We must acknowledge and extend our gratitude to these pioneers and risk-takers; without them, we wouldn’t be here today. It is not “the suits” but these trailblazers who have created the foundation for what we know as the cannabis culture today. We must continue to carry this authenticity and not allow others to capitalize on what we built. It is not their way but ours; we must remain true and unified. 

 Essentially, it is our truth, our journey, our story. And this is who and what Kind Canna represents. 

For more information, please visit www.TheKindCanna.com.




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