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7 Ways to Keep Pre-Rolled Joints Fresh, 100% Smokable & Smelling Like Roses

Imagine this…

You come home after a hard day’s work where you were yelled at by a customer, talked down to by your boss, or [insert your personal workday nightmare here].

All you want to do now is blaze one up and unwind.

So you reach inside your desk drawer for that pre-rolled KindCanna doobie you’ve been dreaming about the whole day.


… the doobie feels off — the smoke is harsh and biting, and you can’t feel any flavor to it… 

… it burns like the blazes — you took one hit, and you’re already down to half a joint…

… it even hits weaker — the buzz is mellow, subdued, and definitely not cerebral.


You can yell all you want, but that’s what you get for not storing your weed pre-rolls the right way!

Mary Jane is a fickle plant, and you need to treat it right if you want her to show up for you. If you don’t, she’s going to lose on flavor, potency [up to 16% less THC after a year if not stored properly], freshness… you name it.

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss how you can keep your pre-rolled weed fresh, smokable, and delicious [even if you’re lighting a roach].

Remember, pre-rolls are your best bet at having a doobie ready when you are:

  • a doobie pre-roll means no need to waste time rolling when all you want to do is light up
  • never want to worry how your doobie looks like because you suck at rolling
  • not losing half of your stash because small nugs keep falling out of your rolling paper.

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How Long Can You Store a Pre-Rolled Joint?

Doobies can be stored for a long time [between three to six months with a minimal dropoff in quality — after that, the difference becomes more noticeable]. This, of course, is assuming that the doobies themselves are a) in good condition, and b) stored properly.

This means that the material inside it needs to be dried well — too much moisture, and you’re risking mold. Too little moisture, and you’re risking a doobie that will go up in flames like kindling after just a few days.

Of course, the other important factor here is how you choose to preserve and store your pre-rolled joint. Simply rolling a joint and then putting it on a shelf is a recipe for disaster — depending on where you are, you can expect your joint to degrade after only a day [if it’s too hot and dry] or a week, tops [if it’s too humid]. And no matter the potency of the cannabis strain that you’re using [it can literally be the strongest weed in the world], the effect that you’ll get will only weaken the longer you put off smoking that joint.

Luckily, you don’t need to abandon your pre-rolls to the whims of the environment. Storing a doobie in a container [or getting creative with your storage, as you’ll see] can dramatically increase the time that your material stays fresh and smokable. That’s because you’re putting it in a controlled environment [right temperature, not exposed to the sun, no moisture] — you can expect them to hold up for up to a few months this way.

Here are 7 ways you can store your weed joints that will prolong their shelf-life, making them easy to stockpile and transport [without damaging their smokability and potency].

#1 Seal Your Joints With a Vacuum Sealer

Look at that picture up there.

Now imagine a doobie inside.

Yes, I know that I’m opening this list with a pretty unorthodox method.

But, that said, I feel that this method works best — if you know how to use it.

Now, most people use a vacuum sealer to seal off cannabis buds, and that works like a charm. So I thought — why not try it with rolled doobies?

After a few tries [and a few hits and misses], I’ve got the process down pat! The trick is to cut off the vacuuming part of the process early on so your doobies don’t get squashed. Depending on the sealer and the bags that you’re using, you’ll need to give this a couple of tries first.

So here’s the process:

  • Place one or two pre-rolled joints inside a vacuum sealer bag [no more than that because you’ll get air pockets that will stay after you cancel the process]
  • Put the open end of the sealer bag into the vacuum sealer and press the vacuum button
  • Watch that like a hawk and press the cancel button the moment you notice your doobies are getting a bit squished by the device [this will take a few tries].
  • Hit the seal button to seal the doobies in there so no air or moisture can come in.

And that’s it!

#2 Use a Saverette to Extend the Shelf-Life of Your Pre-Rolls

The Saverette is a specialty casing designed for joints and cigars, and it’s a must-have for everyone who regularly smokes weed. It can store not only your pre-rolls, but your partially-smoked joints, too. And it will even put them out for you — simply place a burning joint into a severette, close the lid, and it will be out in five seconds.

[Note: you’ll want to do a few more things before storing a partially-smoked joint. We get to those useful tips at the end of this post, so keep on reading!]

There are a lot of designs of severettes, but the important thing is that they’re all safe to use. They are made from heat-proof plastic that doesn’t melt. This means that you don’t have to worry about toxic fumes, even if you do have to hastily hide a burning joint inside a severette.

#3 Pill Bottles Are Another Good Solution for Keeping Your Doobies Fresh

Sounds weird, right?

A pill bottle?

But when you think about it, these little babies are perfect for storing pre-rolled joints, especially those that are small and fat [because you’ll rarely be able to find a pill bottle big enough to house a king size doobie].

Pill bottles are great because they are designed to safeguard your pills. That means that they don’t let in too much air, and they keep the moisture at bay, too.

#4 A Mason Jar Will Work Just as Well

In a pinch, you can always turn to your collection of mason jars that are sitting in your pantry collecting dust because you never have the time to cook jam.

A mason jar is good for storing pre-rolls because they’re made of glass… and you can fit more than one joint in it! That’s always a bonus. Of course, these jars are not the best solution if you’re traveling and need to transport your joints, but if you just want to keep them fresh while at home, they are perfect.

That said, there are a few things you need to keep in mind here:

  • make sure your jar is bone dry — wipe it dry before putting doobies in it [you can even add a couple of dehumidifying beads, but don’t go overboard].
  • seal it with a plastic wrapper and a string — goes over the opening, and it’s great as added security against any air or moisture penetrating inside.
  • store the jar in a cool & dark place — doesn’t have to be the fridge, but it does need to be out of the sun or strong, direct light.

Will you be giving this method of keeping your doobies fresh a try?

#5 When Out of Options, Try Zip-Lock Bags

They might not be the most elegant solution to keeping cannabis fresh, but zip-lock bags do a surprisingly good job at it.

That’s why they are the OG method, I guess.

The downside here is that these bags are not suitable for travel — they will not protect the integrity of your doobies in any way, shape, or form. If you toss these into your carry-on after filling it with joints, you’ll disembark with a hot mess, I’ll tell you that.

But, if you need to keep your joints fresh for longer periods of time while home, they are a life-saver. Just make sure they are completely dry and don’t overstuff them. Also, as with mason jars, you want to keep these in a cool, dark place because they are see-through.

#6 Give Torpedo Cone Tubes a Whirl


Torpedo cone tubes won’t keep your pre-rolled joints fresh for months… but they will keep them fresh for a few days.

Sometimes, that’s all, you need right.

Also, these cones are great for transportation. They are strong and don’t bend, which means that your pre-rolls will stay in perfect condition until you’re ready to smoke them. What’s more, torpedo cone tubes come in varying colors to suit your preference including black, orange, red, yellow, and blue.

So take your pick and store your joints in style!

#7 Go the Whole Hog & Get a Cannabis Humidor

humidor for keeping joints fresh

I’ve left this one for last even though it’s a great solution for keeping your cannabis fresh.

The reason why it’s last?

Well… humidors are a bit tacky. And not to mention, expensive.

If you don’t know what a humidor is, you’re probably not a cigar lover. Humidors are special cases that are designed to keep cigars fresh. Cigars are notoriously sensitive to the elements, and they go real bad if they’re exposed to too much humidity. That’s where a humidor comes in.

These days, there are special humidors for weed and joints. They’re packed with slick design gimmicks and dehumidifying beads that make sure that the level of humidity is just right. And they can probably keep your joints fresh and minty for months [more than any other method on this list, that’s for sure].

But humidors are also expensive, and they don’t travel well.

So… if you’re swimming in money, get one. If not, stick with zip-lock bags [which work great].

BONUS: How to Prevent Partially Smoked Joints from Smelling BAD

Lighting a roach can cause a gag reflex so massive, it makes you swear off of weed for good!

Trust me, I know.

But, does that mean that you have to finish every doobie you light up? Of course not. How would that work if, for example, you’re microdosing cannabis? You’d be out of options here, or you’d have to resort to edibles.

Well, there’s a way to enjoy those partially-smoked joints without them smelling like teenage boy’s underpants. Here’s what you need to do:

  • extinguish the joint by depriving it of oxygen — put it in a severette or under a glass and let it go out. Don’t squish the tip cause you’ll mess it up.
  • clip the tip with scissors — take the top part off [the burnt material and the soot].
  • blow out the joint — yes, literally blow in it to get the smoke out. This way, you’ll remove smoke particles that would eventually stink up your joint.
  • use one of the methods listed above to keep your joint fresh — whether it’s zip-lock bags or mason jars, it doesn’t even matter.

That’s it — you’re good to go!

You now know how to:

  1. keep your joints fresh [vacuum bags, zip-locks, mason jars, torpedo cones, and more];
  2. keep a partially-smoked joint from smelling [clip the tip and blow out the smoke].

When you’re ready, make sure to give KindCanna pre-rolled joints a try.

You now have no excuse not to!

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