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What is a Cannabis Pre-roll?

(Plus, 8 Different Types of Pre-rolls That You’ll Definitely Want to Try Out)

Are you tired of rolling joints?

Tired of them turning out as misshapen monsters that can’t be smoked properly because they’re falling apart right in front of your eyes?

Tired of half of your flower ending up embedded in the carpet just waiting to be hoovered up like those buds didn’t cost you an arm and a leg to begin with?

Tired of having to do yet another thing before you can light up, unwind, and forget about your shitty day?

It’s time you’ve considered introducing weed pre-rolls into your life?

[Or weed prerolls? Pre rolls? Whatever the spelling might be…]

Don’t know what pre-rolls are?

Well, here they are in all their glory:

KindCanna Cannabis Pre-rolls

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Pre-rolled blunts are a perfect solution if you’re stressed out and need to blaze one up right away. Or if you hate rolling blunts. Or if you don’t know how to roll one!

Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis pre-rolls, from:

  • What are pre-rolls?
  • How are pre-rolls made?
  • How strong are they… really?
  • Are they worth the money?
  • Where should I get my pre-rolls?
  • What types of pre-rolls are there?
  • Should beginners buy pre-rolls?

Ready to dive into it? Let’s get to it.

What is a Weed Pre-roll?

It’s simple really — a pre-roll is a pre-rolled joint.

As in — you order it, it arrives pre-rolled. This is a God-send for all marijuana users who haven’t mastered the art of rolling a sleek-looking doobie. Or they just can’t be bothered with it.

There’s just one issue with pre-rolls: they have a bad rep.

A lot of unscrupulous sellers have added trim [mostly stems and leaves] to their pre-rolls, but they marketed them as 100% pure bud. Of course, people order, smoke, and get disappointed. 

That’s how pre-rolls got on everyone’s naughty list.

But the market is smarter today. And so are the users. You just can’t get away with that anymore, at least not for long. These days, thanks in part to the rigorous vetting process that happens in most medical dispensaries, a lot of pre-rolls are legit. They’re pure bud, kief-infused, and similar. Which means they get the job done.

How Are Pre-Rolled Joints Made?

Let’s first take a look at what goes into a pre-rolled joint.

As I said, it used to be that these joints were filled with everything, from buds and shake, all the way down to branches and leaves. Thanks to medical marijuana laws, that’s no longer the case.

Most pre-rolled joints contain either the basic — flowers and buds — or they’re additionally dipped in everything from kief to wax. Some even contain moon rocks [buds coated in hash oil and can go up to 52% THC] or sun rocks [an even more potent form of moon rocks, with THC going up to 80%].

Now, let’s get down to the process of making pre-rolls.

Most pre-rolls are machine-rolled, which makes sense because a brand would need around 1,000 people rolling nonstop if you wanted to meet the demand. 

  • Flowers are broken down in a grinder — some brands also add shake to the mix [high-quality smaller pieces of flower that got detached from the nug]. If they add shake, brands will also usually add nugs to compensate for that.
  • Once everything is ground up, it’s added to pre-roll paper cones — this is where the machine fills up the cones with predetermined quantities.
  • The machine then shakes everything up — this is to ensure that the paper cones are not so overflowing that they break when rolled.
  • After the machine rolls, humans come into play — an employee will check out the roll, tamp it down to make sure it’s not too tight or too loose.

And the pre-roll is ready to go!

What Are the Benefits of Pre-Rolls?

AKA — are pre-rolls worth the money?

It’s a fair question, because you will be paying a markup on these things. It’s not steep, but it will add up over the course of a few months.

Personally, I feel that this slight extra expense is worth it because of the things you get when you fork out a bit more dough for your joint. Here are some reasons why you should buy pre-rolled joints:

  • Convenience — it’s so much easier to whip out a pre-rolled joint than to go through the whole song and dance of rolling. Especially when you have to get off your couch to buy some rolling people because, of course, that’s the one thing you forgot to buy when you were at the store.
  • Uniformity — every joint looks the same… and if you’re using a quality brand, it tastes the same, too. Bonus point here for the fact that you can generally get the same quality stuff over and over if you stick with a good manufacturer.
  • Not having to learn how to roll — I mean, this does take time and practice. And while it’s cool to be able to roll one up behind your back, do you really want to waste time doing it? Yeah, me neither.

And don’t worry about your pre-rolls going stale — check out this post to see how to keep that from happening.

How Strong Are Pre-Rolls?

how strong are prerolls?

Well, you might as well ask me how long is a piece of rope!?

As in, it really depends.

Taking into account what I’ve already written here, and you’re buying legit stuff, the strength of a pre-roll depends on the quality of the bud AND the type of strain you’re getting.

Most regular pre-rolls have around 15% to 20% THC in them. But, some have 40% to 50% THC [these are usually spiked with hash oil or something similar]. And then there are those in which the THC content climbs up to the low 80%s. These are generally spiked with sun rocks [a special type of THC mix — more on this below where I discuss the types of pre-rolled joints].

What you need to remember here is that you choose the strengths and the THC content. Most manufacturers will have several options for you to choose from — pick the one you’re comfortable with [and the one that won’t prompt you to pray to sweet Jesus looking for the THC effects to subside].

Where Should You Buy Your Prerolls?

This is a toughie…

Generally, I would recommend beginners to visit a local dispensary to check things out. This is a much safer bet than ordering online, especially when you’re just starting out.

But… what if you can’t do that?

What if we’re, let’s say, in the middle of a pandemic and it’s just not convenient? In that case, I suggest opting for a quality online vendor, such as KindCanna.

KindCanna Cannabis Pre-rolls

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The best piece of advice I can give you here is — ask around before ordering. Don’t take me up on my word that KindCanna is your best bet: your more experienced friends can confirm that. And if they don’t recommend KindCanna, they might recommend another reputable seller [though we are the best, just ask my mom :P]. Either way, go with a recommendation, not a hunch.

And once you settle on a brand, do the following:

  • Order one — don’t order a box of pre-rolls out of the blue! Order one and test it. If you like it, order more. If not, test drive a different brand.
  • Cut it open — sacrifice one joint to check out what’s inside. You want to see nice, freshly ground nugs and quality material — not dry-ass trim.
  • Give it a smell — twist open a pre-roll and smell it. You’re looking for a heady aroma and a bunch of terpenes assaulting your olfactory nerves — that’s how you know you got the good stuff.

But, like with everything in life that comes from the ether of the Internet, you’re gonna have to take a leap here for that first order.

Make the right choice and go with KindCanna.

KindCanna — The Best Weed Pre-Rolls On the Market

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8 Different Types of Pre-Roll Joints

In all honesty, there are probably more types than the ones that I’m gonna list here. However, these are the most common ones… and some might be obsolete by the time you’re reading this.

That said, the first three are definitely here to stay.

  • The classic joint — El Classico, ranging from 0.5g to 1g. They can be short and stout or tall and slim. These joints are rolled into your run-of-the-mill rolling paper [bleached or unbleached], and are what you’ll find most brands offering. Here’s the KindCanna take on the classic joint [just tap this link right here].
  • King-size joint — for users who like their joints fat. These are rolled in king-size paper and usually weigh 1.5g or more. King-sizers can weigh less, but then the rolling paper is there to accommodate a stylized filter.
  • Mini joint — these joints are for smokers that like to microdose with weed. Usually, they are half the size of regular [classic] joints and have around 0.2g to 0.5g of dry material in them. The KindCanna variation of the mini joint has 0.35g of material, comes in a match box design box, complete with matches and a striker.

  • Kief-infused joint — aaaah, the kief-infused kick in the groinal region joint! These joints are rolled into kief [pollen-looking substance that carries the full brunt of intoxication on all buds] and are not for the faint of heart. They have a higher-than-usual percentage of THC, and they WILL kick your butt if you’re not ready for them. Just so you know — ALL KindCanna pre-rolled joints are kief-infused. You’ve been warned!
  • Caviar joint — uuuugh… even more potent than kief-infused, if you can believe it. These joints have been dipped in moon or sun rock and have a THC percentage of 50% to 80% [double the potency of some of the strongest weed strains out there]. Proceed with caution.
  • Cannabis cigarette — this is a cigarette… filled with weed. Nuff said.
  • Thai sticks — this is a cannabis cigar — rolled like a cigar, smokes like a cigar. These joints should be smoked over a course of a few days. There’s a lot of weed in them and they are packed tight — tread lightly around them.
  • Hemp blunts — hemp blunts are rolled in hemp leaf. This is an added bonus — these leaves have CBDA in them, which can help with the entourage effect [meaning you’ll get a bit more medicinal value out of them.

Soooo… which one of these are you gonna try first? I suggest KindCanna kief-infused joints — they’ll rock your world!

Should You Buy Pre-rolls if You’re a Beginner Stoner?

Uhmmmm… yes?

I mean, as long as you do your research, these babies are your best option, right? There are definitely good reasons why you should buy pre-rolls, even if you’re a beginner:

You want convenience.

You want the ease of use.

You want not to waste an hour trying to roll one only to end up with a deformed excuse for a joint that burns all the way through on one side as soon as you light it up. Regardless of whether you’re looking to quickly fall asleep or to light up your creativity with weed, pre-rolls are the solution.

Yeah… pre-rolls are definitely beginner-friendly… especially KindCanna pre-rolls. So make sure to get yours today.

KindCanna Cannabis Pre-rolls

Perfect for newcomers, bad rollers, and everyone looking for hassle-free smoking!

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The choice is yours… and KindCanna is a no-regrets one, for sure!



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