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What Is an Infused Cannabis Pre-Roll?

Is there anything better than a pre-rolled joint?

A cannabis roll that’s ready and waiting for you whenever you need it… no annoying rolling… no ‘aaargh… I’m outta paper again!’… no wasted weed buds…

It’s tough to beat that, right?

Well, it’s only tricky if you’ve never heard of infused joints!

These things are absolutely fantastic. They’re the most potent form of spliff out there. And they have been taking the MJ world by storm — everybody is raving about them. 

If you’re still not sure what infused rolls are, this post will clarify that for you.

Buckle up and get ready for quite a ride!

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What’s So Special About Infused Pre-Rolls? 

The best thing about infused rolls is their smell. Uhmmm… and their potency, probably. And the fact that you can get them at a bargain price right here at the Kind Canna shop.

Okay, those are several best things. All the more reason to give them a try, right?

The definition of an infused cannabis pre-roll.

An infused joint [or a ‘loaded spliff’] is a pre-rolled weed cigarette with something extra added. That something is a cannabis extract. It can be hash, wax, oil, rosin, or a different type of concentrate. And it can be added inside, outside, or all over the joint.

In most cases, the extract that’s added is either wax concentrate or bubble hash. On the cheaper end of the spectrum, you’ll find butane hash oil distillate. While not bad, this particular infusion is not great, either.

But on the higher end of the spectrum…

Boy, oh boy, this is where stuff gets interesting. Some of these pre-rolls contain solventless rosin extract. This means that it’s top-quality — it hasn’t been tampered with in any way, and there are no additives in it.

Anthony from the Kind Canna collective is a big proponent of these infused spliffs: “You get a great kick out of them, and the flavors are to die for.”

Infused spliffs can have hash on top of them [for example, the paper rolled in kief]. These are called Tarantula’s or Churros because of their speckled look. Or, they can have hash inside — a small snake of hash expertly rolled and added to ground-up cannabis flower and buds before rolling. In some cases, manufacturers also add synthetic terpenes to boost the flavor. We don’t do this here at the Kind Canna because we want to preserve the natural integrity of our product.

Why Are These Infusions Taking Over the Pre-Roll Market?

In 2020, prerolls were the only MJ product category that outperformed market predictions, especially in the state of California. You can see the growth on this chart here:


Because they are so darn convenient — and 2020 has been one hell of a year!

But, there are a few more reasons why these rolls are… on a roll, so to speak.

  • Extra flavor — even without added terpenes, infused rolls taste great. That’s because they have more natural terpenes built into them [with all the kief and hash that’s splattered on there, it’s no wonder].
  • Availability — dispensaries are now big on infusions. You can now find them almost anywhere — and they don’t cost an arm and a leg.
  • Increased potency — if you’re looking for a head-buzzing high, it doesn’t get any better than these prerolls. Some are a mix of different strains and can contain up to 70% THC [with some CBD added into the mix].

There’s a fair bit of marketing at play here, as well.

Manufacturers are beginning to call these mixes diamond-infused. It allows them to differentiate enough to capture a significant portion of new users who’ve never given this a try.

Not bad, right?

Are They Too Strong for Some… & for You?

And now we come to a sticky point…

Are infused pre-rolls too much for some users?

Well, the truth is that they might be. If you’re not accustomed to high-end cannabis and marijuana products, you might find these pre-rolls a bit too punchy. But that always depends on what’s actually in them.

For example, a preroll containing premium flower, top shelf rosin, or another potent cannabis concentrate will hit harder than the one containing low-grade shake. In any case, try to stick with a brand and a company that suits you best. Pick concentrate strains that you can handle. You have a lot of options out there — the cannabis plant is a giving and versatile thing!

What you don’t want is an experience so bad that you find yourself typing ‘how to get sober from weed’ into Google. That’s no fun, trust me.

Can You Make Infused Pre-Rolls at Home?

Ah, so you’re one of those people?

No worries — so am I!

To answer your question, you can make your own infused prerolls if you know how to do it and have everything you need.

After all, what is an infused roll but a spliff packed with some extra goodness? Of course, the cannabis industry [and cannabis companies ] would like you to think this is all complicated… but it really isn’t, especially if you have some time on your hands.

There are several ways in which you can make your own infusies. Here are three that are most popular right now.

  • Hand-rolling your joints — take out your rolling paper, add some ground cannabis into it, and — before you roll it — drip a bit of hash oil into the mix. Or add a hash snake there. Then simply move, lick, and Bob’s your uncle!
  • Dust your spliff with kief — another easy method… but you will need some equipment to do this the right way. Once your spliff is rolled, coat it with hash oil on the outside. Then simply dip it into kief [trichomes that broke off your bud].
  • Inject some oil inside — roll your joint like you usually would. Next, take a syringe and pull some liquid weed concentrate inside. Now, gently pierce the joint and squirt out a healthy helping of your favorite high quality cannabinoids inside. Just pay close attention so that none of the content seeps out. Voila — you’re done!

As you can tell, it’s not that difficult to create your own infused prerolls. It takes time and patience and information — but you can do it. And if you can’t, we’ve got you covered.

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KindCanna Cannabis Pre-rolls

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